Session Buddy

Development Status

The table below outlines the high-level features scoped for the next major-version release of Session Buddy. This is updated on a weekly basis.

The pace of development is dependent on developer bandwidth, which is funded exclusively by the Session Buddy user community. Please consider a donation to enable continued development and support.

Version 4 Features

% Complete
Collection sortingCollection tiles in the navigation pane can be sorted by date updated, date added, date viewed, or name

<i>Note that in v4, saved sessions are referred to as <b>collections</b></i>
Drag and drop● Drag individual windows/tabs of the current session to save them to a collection
● Drag individual folders/bookmarks of a collection to open them in the current session
● Reorder folders/bookmarks within a collection
● Move or copy folders/bookmarks across collections
● Drag folders/bookmarks between Session Buddy browser windows

<i>Note that in v4, a window when saved is referred to as a <b>folder</b>, and a tab when saved is referred to as a <b>bookmark</b></i>
Improved search● Instant suggestions (like Google Search)
● Smarter interpretation of search terms
● Intelligent search results, with tiles ordered by relevance
● All matching items are initially shown in a single (merged) view
● Non-matching items are hidden by default
● Advanced query syntax. For example, to find tabs playing sound: <i>type:tab audible:true</i>
● Search across everything by default or limit search to selected sessions/collections
● Search speed has been significantly improved
Link hierarchies● Allows bookmarks to be organized into <b>nested</b> folders
● Folders can be expanded/collapsed
Optimized performance and scalability● UI displays instantly and collection tiles load much faster regardless of total number of collections
● Saved collection tiles load as needed when scrolling
● Sessions and collections render incrementally, significantly speeding up the display of single and merged collections regardless of how many items they comprise
● Scalable to thousands of bookmarks per collection with negligible performance impacts
Session history● "Previous Sessions" (which are only generated upon browser shut down or crash) will get replaced with continuous session history tracking
● View the state of open windows and tabs at a specific point in the past via session sidebar pane
● Enables significant improvements in session recovery
● Tracking is configurable (eg, only track the last hour, day, week, etc)
● Tracking can be paused on the fly
UI overhaulModern, simplified, and mobile-friendly with tons of user experience improvementsCore80%
Collection tile context menu● Open, copy, duplicate, rename, or delete
● Applies to all selected collections
Copy/paste● Copy selected or all links in a session or collection in a variety of available formats (eg, JSON, CSV, HTML, Markdown, custom)
● Paste links from the clipboard directly into a session or collection
Create new collections, folders, or bookmarks on the fly● Paste directly into collection from clipboard
● Free-form type URL and/or title of new link
● Create an empty collection or folder
Link context menuOpen, copy, edit, delete/closeHigh0%
New support and usage documentationTo be published to
Select and operate on multiple windows/folders and tabs/bookmarksEg, open, move, copy, deleteHigh0%
Session Buddy product siteProduct description, usage tips, support hub, development status, blogHigh80%
Sync front-end supportFront-end facilities needed for build-out of sync (see Future Releases below)High70%
Better import/export● Improved import experience for large imports using background process
● More performant previews
● Ability to define custom export formats via templates
Bring back one-click collection open (by popular demand)Allows user to define default open behavior for a collection (open separate windows, open in one window, open in current window)Intermediate0%
Current window floats to top of current session viewThe current window is always the first one in the list of windows of the current sessionIntermediate100%
Edit bookmarks● Update title
● Update URL
● Toggle pinned/unpinned state
● Revert to original title or URL
Enhanced session mergeShow/hide collection-level nodesIntermediate0%
Improved propagation of state and setting changes across open Session Buddy tabs● Make more robust. Current approach can lead to inconsistent view states.
● Avoid animations for non-visible tabs
Item descriptionsAdd a description to a collection, folder, or bookmarkIntermediate0%
Migration to new local storage● IndexedDB standard is actively maintained and supported across browser vendors
● More performant searches
● Facilitates build of Session Buddy extension for other browsers (see Future Releases)
● Addresses current lack of data compaction
● (Requires new support documentation)
New backup format● Browser-independent standard
● Eliminates extraneous data
Reworked notifications● Less obtrusive (lower-right corner of screen)
● Stacked (can display multiple notifications at once)
Smoother error handling and recoveryRobust error detection and notification, with guided prompts to help users back up data and report diagnostic information to support team in case of a critical error.Intermediate80%
Support for high-DPI displaysConvert icons to SVGIntermediate100%
Undo/redo● Multiple steps (not just last)
● Access to history of changes per collection
Advanced tab filtering● Additional standard filters for items to ignore beyond just administrative or Session Buddy tabs (eg, pinned tabs)
● Custom filters
Better handling of duplicates● Toggle "show duplicates" on any collection, not just merged views
● Customize rules for identifying duplicates (eg, ignore http vs https, ignore case, ignore query string)
New user forumMigrate from Google Groups to a more robust discussion platform that facilitates conversation and provides additional capabilities such as advanced search and feature voting.Low0%
Onboarding walkthroughA quick tutorial to highlight features and usage tips for new usersLow0%
Sticky viewsView (eg, basic vs detailed) is specific to collection instead of applicationLow0%
Overwrite with current windowNew action available on Collections in addition to "Overwrite with current session"Low0%

Future Release Features

% Complete
Web appAccess your bookmarks and tabs open in other browsers from any modern web browser on any device without the need for the Session Buddy extension. Includes support for mobile browsers and Internet Explorer 11.Core20%
SyncReal-time, cross-browser synchronization of bookmarks and open tabs.Core20%
Cloud backupAutomatically back up bookmarks and settings to the cloud.Core20%
SharingShare bookmarks and live sessions with other users.Core0%
Firefox extensionSession Buddy extension available for Firefox and published in the Firefox add-ons store.Core0%
MS Edge extensionSession Buddy extension available for MS Edge and published in the Microsoft Store.Core0%
Opera extensionSession Buddy extension available for Opera and published in the Opera add-ons store.Low0%
Keyboard shortcut customizationDefine your own shortcut keys and modifiers and enable them individually.Low0%
Streamlined saving of a page to a new or existing collection from that pagePossible solutions might involve:
● Drag link from page or address bar to in-page Session Buddy sidebar
TagsTag a collection with keywordsIntermediate0%
Additional viewsIn addition to basic and detailed (eg, tiles with thumbnails)Intermediate0%
Themes● Light and dark theme
● Set of standard themes
● Ability to build your own theme
FavoritesFavorite collections float to the top of collection tilesLow0%
LoginProtect access to Session Buddy with a username and passwordLow0%
Import browser bookmarks● Select all/some bookmarks to move or copy to Session Buddy
● Preserve folder hierarchies
Multiple language supportStarting with translations for: Japanese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and PolishIntermediate0%
Grayscale icon● Defaulted (color or grayscale) per browser vendor
● Can change in settings
Import additional formatsEg, from other app exports like FF Session ManagerLow0%
Collection diffsShow differences across collectionsLow0%
Open tab suspensionAllow for open tabs to be suspended according to custom rulesLow0%
Deferred tab loadWhen opening a large number of tabs, defer page load of some/all tabs (eg, until selected or click on page)Low0%
Workspace considerationsRestore windows to their former respective workspaces/desktopsLow0%
Customizable default collection nameeg, current date, custom text, counts, topic based on content heuristicsLow0%
LabelsFor collections, folders, bookmarksLow0%