UPDATE: This release is rolling out on June 24.

I’m grateful to everyone who has been inspired to back the Session Buddy development and support effort. To those who have donated, thank you!

While the funding goal that allows me to focus full-time on Session Buddy has not yet been achieved, last month’s proceeds will allow me to dedicate 35 hours of development and support in June.

I’m working on a number of improvements around search (see teaser above), as well as a handful of other enhancements and fixes that I will release by June 30 I am releasing on June 24.

Below is the full list of updates in the upcoming release. I hope you’ll find they make using Session Buddy even better.

And remember, Session Buddy is a community-supported project. If you haven’t donated, please consider a contribution so we can deliver all the good stuff that will make Session Buddy awesome.

Search improvements

  • Non-matching tabs in search results are hidden, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. The count of non-matching tabs is displayed and you can opt to show them.
  • Matched session names are highlighted on session tiles in the navigation pane.
  • In 1-line view, a tab’s URL is revealed and highlighted if search terms match part of the URL.
  • Window headers include a count of matched (as well as total) tabs.
  • Hit Enter while the cursor is in the search box to focus the first tab result. Hit Enter again to open the tab.
  • UI fades to provide a visual cue that a search is happening.

Miscellaneous enhancements

  • In 1-line view, a tab’s abbreviated URL is revealed next to it when hovering over the tab title.
  • In the OPEN menu, each menu item shows the number of tabs/windows that will be opened if selected.
  • On Windows, F2 keyboard shortcut edits the name of the selected session (as well as W, as before).
  • Session dates are prefixed with “Saved” or “Updated”.

Minor enhancements and fixes

  • Search only matches on abbreviated URL (ie, without query portion) by default, making searches faster and results more relevant. A new setting has been added to turn this off.
  • Search is debounced after the first character entry instead of immediately initiating a search.
  • Shorter debounce on search keyup increases search responsiveness.
  • C keyboard shortcut scrolls to the top of the navigation pane in addition to selecting the current session.
  • Session edit icon refresh.
  • Session tile details are simplified to one line; all tiles are now of consistent height.
  • Default “Session Buddy” session includes several new helpful bookmarks.
  • Fix for bug preventing search clear button from showing in some cases.
  • Fix for bug causing the wrong number of sessions to be selected when drag-selecting session tiles quickly in the opposite direction of the selection range.
  • Several optimizations and tweaks, including removal of unused code, streamlined code access to settings, and simplified settings checkbox code.