You can back up your Session Buddy data anytime by selecting Back up from the Session Buddy application menu.

Doing so creates a file containing your saved sessions and settings in your browser’s downloads folder. You can simply leave this backup file in the downloads folder or move it to another location for safe-keeping.

You can create backups as often as you want. A new backup file is created every time you back up.

Why back up?

There are two main reasons to back up Session Buddy data:

1. Recovery

Although unlikely, a browser crash or malfunction can lead to the corruption or deletion of data in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for Session Buddy to automatically recover it.

Regularly backing up is a good practice to get into to guard against permanently losing your saved sessions due to such unforeseen events. We recommend you back up often.

2. Moving data between Session Buddy installations

A backup file can be used to port all of your saved sessions from your current Session Buddy installation to a new one.

This is handy when setting up a new computer or reinstalling Session Buddy.

Can backups be automated?

Unfortunately, Session Buddy is unable to automatically save backup files.

Because of browser security limitations, backups must be initiated by you and can only be saved to the browser’s downloads folder.

Restoring a backup

You can restore a Session Buddy backup file into a new Session Buddy installation by selecting Import from the Session Buddy application menu.

This brings up the Import dialog. You can then import the backup file by doing one of the following:

  • Drag and drop the backup file into the text box
  • Click Select file, then navigate to the folder that contains the backup file and open it

Once the import status at the bottom of the Import dialog confirms the number of sessions found, click Save to finish restoring the backup.

Note that the above steps will add to the set of any sessions already present.