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If you have questions or concerns about the recent v4 upgrade, please check the FAQ first. Your question is most likely answered there.

Also note that we are actively working on follow-up releases to address ongoing feedback. Check the releases page for recent and upcoming releases to see if your issue has been or is being addressed.

If you still have questions, check the user forum. There is likely a discussion thread already that answers your question.

Session Buddy v4 was rewritten from scratch in order to make it possible to deliver all the great features that folks have been requesting, including cloud sync, support for tab groups, and many others.

We are extremely grateful for your incredible patience as we work to smooth out the rough edges and fully restore some of the capabilities that were reduced during the transition.

We are listening carefully to all of your feedback and are committed to relentlessly refining Session Buddy to make sure it remains the best tab manager available.

Note that the links below are for the old version of Session Buddy (v3). They will be updated soon.

Have a problem?

Check out the links below. Chances are you’ll find the answers you need.

You can also try searching the Session Buddy User Forum. There’s a good chance that another user has had a similar problem for which a solution was posted.

If you can’t find a solution to your issue, let us know.

Have a question?

Check out the links below or search the Session Buddy User Forum.

If you don’t find an answer, ask us directly.

Please understand that we get a lot of messages from our many users. While we read every single message we receive, we don’t always have the capacity to respond to all of them. That said, we make every effort to answer questions that are not already answered by support documents or the user forum.