Session Buddy Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 13, 2019


We understand and deeply appreciate that Session Buddy’s ultimate value depends critically on taking every possible measure to safeguard our user’s data. All decisions made during the course of development are considered first and foremost with an emphasis on security and data protection. We constantly evaluate our code, architecture, processes, and the systems we rely on to help ensure that the trust you have in our ability to preserve your privacy is never compromised.

This privacy policy is designed to help you understand what information is collected by Session Buddy, how it is used, and the options available to you related to the collection, use, and access of this information.

Information Collected and Received

The information collected by Session Buddy is limited to the following.

Google Analytics

In an effort to continuously improve Session Buddy and the Session Buddy website, Google Analytics is used as described in How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps.

Google Analytics helps us understand how Session Buddy and its website are used, which features are used the most, and where problems arise in the usability or functionality of the software. This helps us identify future development priorities and opportunities for improvement.

The information we receive through Google Analytics is anonymized and used solely to assess usage trends. It does not include data that allows for the identification of individual users.

While we maintain ownership of this data, we do not share it with third parties.

You can prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics on websites by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

Support Requests

When you contact us with a support request, we may ask for information to aid in our troubleshooting efforts. This might include the Session Buddy data file residing on your computer’s hard drive. We can only access this data if you explicitly send it to us.

While support correspondence may be archived indefinitely, any user data attached to such correspondence or otherwise furnished during the course of troubleshooting is promptly deleted after the support issue has been resolved. At no point is any of this data shared with a third party or used for any purpose other than to help resolve your support request.

Information NOT Collected or Received

We do not collect or receive any personally identifiable data such as names, addresses, or birth dates.

With the exception of Google Analytics, Session Buddy does not transmit or store data to any external services. The links you save in Session Buddy and all Session Buddy settings are stored locally on your computer’s hard drive only. This can be verified by inspecting the browser extension’s manifest.json file, which must explicitly declare all of its permissions and externally-accessible services as enforced by the browser.

Accessing Your Data

Session Buddy stores your sessions, links, and settings in files that exist only on your computer. To access these files, see: How to Locate Session Buddy Data on Your Computer.

You can also export this data in a variety of formats from Session Buddy for safe-keeping or for importing into other applications. To learn how to export or back up Session Buddy user data, see: Session Buddy Import and Export or Backing up Session Buddy Data.

Because your Session Buddy data is stored only on your computer, it is strongly recommended that you back up or export this data frequently in order to protect it from loss (e.g., due to hardware or software failure). Additionally, it’s a good idea in general to use a scheduled system backup solution to protect the data you care about on your local drive.

Extension Permissions

What Session Buddy is Allowed To Do

Session Buddy requests the following permissions from the browser in order to allow it to perform its core functions. In Google Chrome, these permissions can be viewed by opening the browser’s Extensions page and clicking on the Details button of the Session Buddy item listed there.

Read your browsing history

This permission is required to allow Session Buddy to list and save the titles and URLs of open tabs.

This permission DOES NOT allow Session Buddy to read the content of web pages you visit or any information that you type into forms on web pages.

Display notifications

This permission is used to display a “Current session saved” notification when you save a session via the browser’s web page context menu.

This permission IS NOT used to display any notifications not directly related to the functions of Session Buddy.

Modify data you copy and paste

This permission is used to copy links to your clipboard when you click “Copy to Clipboard” in the Export dialog (as an alternative to downloading the links to a file).

This permission DOES NOT allow Session Buddy to read the clipboard. That would require a separate explicit permission to “Read data you copy and paste”.

What Session Buddy is NOT Allowed To Do

Session Buddy cannot read the content of any web pages you visit or any information you type into forms on a web page. This would require an explicit site access permission that Session Buddy does not request. In Google Chrome, this can be confirmed by opening the browser’s Extensions page, clicking on the Details button of the Session Buddy item listed there, and observing that the “Site access” section states that “This extension has no additional site access”.

Session Buddy cannot send data to any cloud service or website except Google Analytics. Doing so would require Session Buddy to explicitly declare additional externally-accessible URLs within its manifest.json file.

Session Buddy cannot read the contents of your system clipboard. That would require a separate explicit permission to “Read data you copy and paste”.

Changes to this Statement

Any future changes to Session Buddy’s features that affect the transmission, storage, sharing, use, or access of personal data will be clearly outlined in updated versions of this privacy policy and communicated to you either within Session Buddy’s interface or via email if you have opted in to these types of notifications.

For example, there are plans to introduce cloud storage and sync features which intrinsically require extended data protection measures. Where feasible and applicable, such features will be made available strictly on an opt-in basis.

Contact Us

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