Due to upcoming changes in Chrome, Session Buddy now requires Chrome (or Edge) version 110 or newer.

If you see a notification in the app warning about this, it means you’re on an old browser version that needs to be updated in order for Session Buddy to continue to receive updates that keep it functioning.

You MUST upgrade Chrome (or Edge) to at least version 110 before March 1, 2024 to avoid being stuck with an old and unsupported version of Session Buddy.

If you wait until after March 1, 2024 to upgrade your browser, you will lose all of your Session Buddy saved sessions when you upgrade.

Also note that while existing installs of Session Buddy will continue to run on versions of Chrome older than 110, it will soon become impossible to install or re-install Session Buddy without first upgrading to Chrome 110 or newer.


1. Back up your saved sessions

Click on the Session Buddy gear icon, then click Back up.

It’s generally a good idea to do this often, and especially before making big changes.

A backup can later be imported into Session Buddy to recover saved sessions if necessary.

2. Include the Session Buddy data file in your system backups

Locate the Session Buddy data file by following the steps outlined here: How to Locate Session Buddy Data on Your Computer

Ensure that this file is included in your scheduled system backups. If you aren’t regularly backing up your computer, drop everything you’re doing and make this a priority. You’ll thank me later.

3. Ensure you’re on the latest version of Chrome (or Edge)

If this is not currently possible, make sure you’re backing up often. You’ll eventually need a recent backup to transfer your data when you re-install Session Buddy or Chrome updates it.

Once you’re on a compatible browser version, the compatibility notification in the app will disappear.