Session Buddy v4 stores collections, history, and settings in folders on your computer.

To find these folders, follow these steps:

1. Find the current Chrome profile folder

A Session Buddy installation is specific to a Chrome profile.

To find the folder path for the current Chrome profile, see: How to Locate the Current Chrome Profile Folder.

2. Find the Session Buddy database folders

Go to the location of the Chrome profile obtained in Step 1. From this folder, go to the subfolder named IndexedDB.

In the IndexedDB folder, find the subfolder with the following name:


This is the main Session Buddy database folder.

There MAY also be a subfolder with the following name:


This folder also contains Session Buddy data.

When setting up your system backup or manually backing up Session Buddy data, make sure to include the main folder as well as the second folder. Note that even if the second folder is not currently present, it may later be created by Chrome as needed.

When sending data to support for troubleshooting, include both folders with all of their contents in a zip file.

When restoring Session Buddy data from a backup of these folders, follow these steps:

  1. Shut down Chrome completely
  2. Rename the current data folders under the appropriate profile by appending “-backup”
  3. Copy in the restored versions of the folders and all of their contents
  4. Start Chrome and open Session Buddy to validate restoration