Releases and planned work

Release Notes – v4.0.2

March 23, 2024


  • Classic search is back. Collection tiles and links are now filtered when searching. Link filtering can be toggled on/off.
  • The “Overwrite with current” feature has been restored (in the same spot as before, now called “Replace with open tabs“)
  • The setting to “Show tab counts on extension icon” has been restored (found under Settings > Tabs)
  • A setting to prompt for a name when saving a collection is back by popular demand (found under Settings > Collections)
  • The Delete key now closes or deletes selected tabs or links
  • A setting to “Enable single-click close and delete” has been added (under Settings > Other). Enable this to allow tabs and links to once again be closed and deleted with a single click on the icon.


  • Search now correctly returns collections containing matching folders and links. Each collection search result shows the number of matched links in the collection, if any.
  • Search now matches on URLs
  • Search matches are now highlighted in collections, nav, and search results
  • Search results are grouped by type (collection, folder, link) as before, but these groups can now be toggled on/off to show only the types you’re interested in.
  • Search terms can now be targeted to a collection, folder, or link with syntax like link:session,buddy,release,notes (no spaces). More meta query support will be added later.
  • Search matching and scoring have been improved. This will continue to improve in subsequent releases.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing tabs from being opened when double-clicking/clicking directly
  • An option to turn off scheduled snapshots completely has been added (new option “Never” under “Check for changes every“)
  • Longer retention options have been added (“100 years“, “1,000 events“, and “2,000 events“)
  • A history management button to remove only snapshot type history events has been added
  • History settings have been reworded and reorganized for clarity


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some duplicates from being selected when clicking “Select duplicates” under certain circumstances
  • Added an option to suppress confirmation when deleting folders and links
  • Added an option to suppress confirmation when deleting collections
  • Nav tiles now load 30 at a time when scrolling instead of 10 for smoother operation
  • Default threshold for when tab open optimizations like delay and suspend kick in has been bumped up from 30 to 60
  • Scrollbar visibility in dark mode has been improved
  • The extension version is now displayed at the bottom of the Settings dialog
  • Added notification and help for Mac users who are still using the cmd+b shortcut that was accidentally set (see v4.0.1 notes)