Release Notes – v4.0.3

April 4, 2024


  • History is now searchable
  • Individual history events can now be deleted
    Accessible through the menu. Delete via tile menu will be added later.
  • Windows and tabs in history events can now be deleted
    Select the items you want to delete, then either hit the Delete key or right-click the selection and click Delete


  • The search box now filters the currently-viewed tabs/links in real time as you type. Hit Enter to search ALL collections and history.
  • Search terms can now be targeted specifically to collections, history, windows, folders, tabs, or links with syntax like history:session,buddy (no spaces)
    More meta query support, like title vs URL, will be added later.
  • The search dropdown, which lists results by relevance, now stays closed by default after hitting Enter to search. Re-focus the search input box to open it. You can choose to view either all ranked results or only tab and link results.


  • Tab opening optimizations (suspend, delay) have been disabled by default. A setting has been added to enable them (under Settings > Tabs)
  • Fixed a bug causing unmatched items to be selected when range-selecting search-filtered items
  • Added ability to assign a keyboard shortcut to “Save open tabs”
    To edit extension keyboard shortcuts, go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts
  • Added support for old-style (main.html) Session Buddy URLs
  • Modified clicks (with ctrl/cmd and/or shift) on tab and link URLs now conform to standard Chrome behavior
    For reference, in Chrome, ctrl (or cmd) + click on a link opens it in a new tab. Doing this while also holding down shift does the same but activates the new tab. Shift+click opens the link in a new window.
  • Updated required Chrome version from 110 to 109