Release Notes – v4.0.4

In progress

  • Fix incompatibilities with suspender extensions leading to incognito links opening in the wrong window
  • Better UX for selected item actions (eg, bar at top when items are selected with separate buttons/menu)
  • Add setting to include windows/folders in copied content
  • Allow importing and/or pasting a list of URLs
  • Add toggle to ignore duplicates when multiple collections are selected
  • Add menus for history event tiles
  • Add ability to select multiple history tiles for easier consolidation
  • Improved History management (eg, bulk removal by event type, date)
  • Fix history failing to consider ignored tab settings
  • Fix to prevent collection rename from affecting modification date
  • Do not create snapshot if no change from last snapshot
  • Additional confirmation prompts (for “Replace with open tabs”, sorts, etc)
  • Enable up/down/home keys to navigate collection and history tiles
  • Always show tab and link counts next to windows and folders
  • Checkbox selection / one-click close for folders and windows
  • Always generate “Browser closed” event even when redundant
  • Adjust collection cache expiration
  • Lower event tracking internal debounce threshold for more reliable “Browser closed” states