Session Buddy v3 Deprecation

Due to changes in Chrome, Session Buddy v3 will stop working soon.

You must upgrade to Session Buddy v4 to avoid losing your data.

Session Buddy v3 will stop working after either of the following occurs:

  • Chrome updates to v124
  • May 28, 2024 (even on older versions of Chrome)

What you should do

Back up your data

Before doing anything else, create a backup of your Session Buddy data.

Click on the Session Buddy gear icon, then click Back up.

A backup from Session Buddy v3 can later be restored into Session Buddy v4 if necessary.

Upgrade to Session Buddy v4

To upgrade, you must be using Chrome v109 or later.

If you are unable to upgrade your version of Chrome at this time, make sure to back up your Session Buddy data often in the meantime. Your most recent backup file will be necessary to restore your data once you’re ready to upgrade to Session Buddy v4.

If you’re on a recent version of Chrome and Session Buddy does not upgrade automatically, you can do the following to update your extensions:

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions/
  2. Turn on Developer mode (top-right of page)
  3. Click the Update button (top left of page)

Restoring your data

Session Buddy will automatically try to transfer your data when it upgrades, but this will no longer be possible after Chrome v124.

If Session Buddy is unable to automatically transfer your data, you can restore your data from a Session Buddy v3 backup or export file. To do so, use the Restore feature.

If you do not have a backup or export file, you can try to generate one from the Session Buddy v3 database using the v4 migration tool. Note that the v3 database file will eventually be removed by Chrome, so this will only work in the short term.